About Globeleq Scholarships

Globeleq's scholarship programme enables aspirant engineers from around the country to acquire the qualifications and skills demanded by this budding sector, particularly in the field of mechatronics – an inter-disciplinary field, combining traditional electrical, electronic, mechanical, control and computer engineering skills.

The Renewable Energy Scholarship Fund (RESF) was launched in 2014. Through the RESF, mechatronic, electro-mechanical and electrical engineering students are developed for the renewable energy and other engineering sectors. The RESF aims to help meet the demand in the renewable energy industry for qualified engineers, create a skills pipeline for our company and also support and contribute to the industry and the country as a whole.

The Scholarship is managed by Globeleq South Africa Management Services who, together with its consortium partners, owns three renewable energy facilities in South Africa. The RESF is funded by these three independent power producers (IPPs), namely the Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm, Droogfontein Solar Power and De Aar Solar Power. These three IPPs are among the very first large scale renewable power plants to be built in the country. To date, these plants have invested more than R5.3 million in the RESF.

The Renewable Energy Scholarship Fund is being offered nationally through universities offering mechatronics, electro-mechanical and electrical engineering, namely;

Approximately 23 beneficiaries have been selected each year.

Scholarship offer

The amount of the Scholarship is not fixed, but instead takes each student’s needs into account, together with the Scholarship budget.

The Scholarship funding covers the costs of:

Scholarship recipient obligation

The Scholarship includes a service obligation of 12 months. The Internship includes an in-depth induction of the entire organisation (exposure to the solar PV and wind plants), technical training, in-house training and exposure to the functioning of the head office. Thereafter, Interns are placed in an operational role for the remainder of the service obligation, reporting to one of Globeleq’s engineering managers. Salaries are in line with the market.