About The Scholarships

Globeleq's scholarship programme enables aspirant engineers from around the country to acquire the qualifications and skills demanded by this budding sector, particularly in the field of mechatronics – an inter-disciplinary field, combining traditional electrical, electronic, mechanical, control and computer engineering skills.

The Globeleq Scholarship Fund (GSF) was launched in 2014. It is managed by Globeleq South Africa Management Services (GSAMS) and is funded by GSAMS’ independent power producers (IPPs) and one of its shareholders, the Globeleq Educational Trust (GET). To date, approximately R13.1million has been awarded in bursaries.

The GSF aims to:
• help meet the demand in the renewable energy (RE) industry for technical skills,
• create a skills pipeline for our company and the industry, and
• support and contribute to the long-term sustainability of the communities in which we operate, and the country as a whole.

The GSF is focussed on (1) mechatronic and electrical engineering degrees/diplomas, nationally; (2) education, agriculture and nursing degrees/certificates for Eastern and Northern Cape students; and (3) various degrees/certificates for students within the 50km radius in which GSAMS operates.

Approximately 36 beneficiaries have been selected each year.