Scholarship Programme

The Globeleq Scholarship Fund

Powering Training for the Future

Applications for 2020 are now open. Applications close 30 November 2019.


The Globeleq Scholarship Fund (GSF) was launched in 2014. It is managed by Globeleq South Africa Management Services (GSAMS) and is funded by GSAMS’ independent power producers (IPPs) and one of its shareholders, the Globeleq Educational Trust (GET). To date, approximately R10.3 million has been awarded in bursaries.

The GSF aims to:

The GSF is focussed on (1) mechatronic and electrical engineering degrees/diplomas, nationally; (2) education, agriculture and nursing degrees/certificates for Eastern and Northern Cape students; and (3) various degrees/certificates for students within the 50km radius in which GSAMS operates.

Approximately 36 beneficiaries have been selected each year.

See the criteria for each focus stream below.

1. The GSF Engineering

This focus stream is being offered nationally through institutions offering mechatronic or electrical engineering, namely;


The GSF Engineering is open to students who:

2. The GSF Scarce Skills

This focus stream is being offered to students in the Northern and Eastern Cape, wishing to pursue degrees or certificates in education, agriculture or nursing.


The GSF Scarce Skills is open to students who:

• Are South African citizens
• Currently resides in the Northern and Eastern Cape
• Are registering to study a degree or certificate in Education, Agriculture or Nursing at a South African higher education institution in 2020
• Will be doing their 1st year or higher in 2020.

3. The GSF Communities

This focus stream is being offered to students residing within a 50km radius in which Globeleq operates, wishing to pursue degrees or certificate of their choice.


The GSF Communities is open to students who:

Click here to access the application portal to apply for one of our three focus areas. Please complete the application form relevant to you.


The amount of the Scholarship is not fixed, but instead takes each student’s needs into account, together with the Scholarship budget.

The Scholarship funding will cover the costs of:

Course Fees A variable amount, depending on what each student’s registration fees are
Registration Fees
Accommodation and meal costs A fixed amount, based on the average cost across all institutions participating in the GSF and the type of studies
Books and other learning materials
Living expenses


The Scholarship includes a service obligation, on behalf of the student, of 12 months. Scholarship recipients undergo a further selection process for the Internship, towards the completion of their BTech or National Diploma. Internships are not guaranteed for each scholarship recipient.

The Internship includes an in-depth induction of the entire organisation (exposure to the solar PV and wind plants), technical training, in-house training and exposure to head office organisational functioning. Salaries are paid in line with market rates.


Follow the links provided above, which will take you directly to the relevant online form. Please ensure that you complete this form as thoroughly as possible, as it is our only way of assessing your potential at this stage. Note that only online applications will be considered.


Complete your online application by Sunday 1 December 2019, including uploading all the necessary supporting documents. Late applications will not be considered.

If you meet the first stage of selection criteria, you will be invited to participate in a telephonic interview, to take place during December 2019. In person interviews will be scheduled for January 2020 for those applicants at final award consideration stage.

A final selection will be made, and all applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application, by March 2020.


Enquiries can be emailed to who are managing the bursary programme on behalf of Globeleq South Africa Management Services.