18 JUNE 2024, London.

Globeleq, the leading independent power producer in Africa, has released its 2023 Sustainability Report. This report details Globeleq’s performance across seven African countries where the Group produced over 7,000 GWh’s of electricity, reaching 8.8 million consumers and supporting 181,971 jobs over the past year.

Globeleq now owns and operates 17 power plants in Africa generating just under 1.8 GWs of power. The Group is also building a major IFC-backed and Paris-aligned 450 MW gas-to-power plant at Temane in Mozambique which will start generating power over the next few months. In Kenya, construction of Globeleq’s first geothermal project at Menengai is underway after the project reached financial close at the end of 2023.

Last year, the Group acquired a 41 MW solar PV plant at Mocuba in Mozambique and the 25 MW Winnergy solar PV plant in Egypt, adjacent to its ARC solar PV plant. Globeleq also completed the 253 MW Phase IV expansion of its Azito power plant, which is now the largest power plant in Côte d’Ivoire, and began operations at the 19 MW Cuamba plant, the Group’s first ever combined solar PV and battery storage plant.

Other highlights in 2023 included:

Globeleq announced in May 2024 that Mike Scholey, Chief Executive Officer, will be leaving the Group at the end of June 2024 and will be replaced by Jonathan Hoffman, currently Chief Deevelopment Officer, as Interim CEO from 1 July 2024.

Mike Scholey, CEO of Globeleq, said today:
“I am pleased to report another year of good progress for Globeleq in 2023. We recorded an industry-leading safety performance which is a tribute to the culture that we have embedded in the Group. Elsewhere our portfolio continues to expand in our key countries of operation giving us an unrivalled position in the African power sector. With our construction projects moving ahead swiftly, the Group is in a strong position to make further progress this year and into 2025.”

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June 2024, Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm.

The J-Bay Wind Farm MTB Classic & Trail Run, scheduled for Saturday, 22 June 2024, has been cancelled following a Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) outbreak in the Eastern Cape. The Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development confirmed the outbreak today and has advised livestock farmers across all provinces to restrict the movement of cloven-hoofed animals to prevent further spread.

The event features a unique course through the Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm, a 3,700-hectare site that hosts livestock among its turbines. Pieter Oosthuizen, Asset Director at Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm, emphasized the wind farm’s commitment to supporting the prevention of cross-contamination, prioritizing the health and safety of livestock and local livelihoods.

Recognizing the significant role of agriculture and livestock in the regional economy, the decision was taken, together with the event organizers, to support the farming community’s efforts during this critical time.

All registered participants will receive refunds, and the event is rescheduled for the same weekend in 2025.


June 2024, Boshof Solar Power.

A woman-owned agri-enterprise, Lebohang Tebello Creatives, nestled in the Boshof community, is gearing up for growth, fueled by recent support and funding from Boshof Solar Power’s Enterprise Development Programme.

57-year old, Puseletso Tsoeu, a seasoned agri-preneur with a decade of experience, envisions producing a remarkable 1000 lambs annually. With the infusion of resources from this Enterprise Development Programme, Lebohang Tebello Creatives now has revamped lambing pens, 20 new ewes, and an improved overall farm infrastructure.

Mrs. Puseletso Tsoeu shared her optimism, “Our objective is to enhance the lambing facility, starting small with these initial 20 ewes producing 20 to 25 lambs each year. While our goals may take time, the assistance we’ve received to renovate and convert our old storeroom into a lambing house facility makes it achievable.”

Hlengiwe Radebe, Economic Development Director at Boshof Solar Power, highlighted Tsoeu’s commitment, stating, “Puseletso is dedicated to the success of her business. She actively seeks training opportunities and embraces growth initiatives for her business.”

In addition to lamb production, Lebohang Tebello Creatives also engages in cattle farming, with both lambs and cattle sold to abbatoirs and community members through auctions when they are ready for market, with the small business hoping to expand to supply upcoming farmers looking for well bred animals, and the export market.

JEFFREYS BAY – Wind Turbine Technician Training Opportunity

June 2024, Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm.

The Wind Energy Industry is expanding rapidly in South Africa, this fast-growing industry requires numerous well-trained staff, especially service technicians.

Wind Turbine Service Technicians (WTST) are specialized in servicing and maintaining modern multi-megawatt wind turbine systems and are one of the key job-drivers for developing the renewable energy industry.

If you reside in Thornhill, Jeffreys Bay, Humansdorp, Hankey, Patensie or Lourie, this Wind Turbine Training opportunity is for you!

Please complete the application form

Deadline for applications: Saturday, 15 June 2024

All applications to be sent electronically to Lindie Lourens at lourensn@cput.ac.za

For more information on the process and requirements: Information

KLIPHEUWEL – Wind Turbine Technician Training Opportunity

June 2024, Klipheuwel Wind Farm

The Wind Energy Industry is expanding rapidly in South Africa, this fast-growing industry requires numerous well-trained staff, especially service technicians.

Wind Turbine Service Technicians (WTST) are specialized in servicing and maintaining modern multi-megawatt wind turbine systems and are one of the key job-drivers for developing the renewable energy industry.

If you reside in Botriver, Caledon, Grabouw, Gardendale, Tesselaarsdal, Riviersonderend or Villiersdorp, this Wind Turbine Training opportunity is for you!

Please complete the application form

Deadline for applications: Saturday, 15 June 2024

All applications to be sent electronically to Lindie Lourens at lourensn@cput.ac.za

For more information on the process and requirements: Information


May 2024, Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm.

The J-Bay Wind Farm MTB Classic & Trail Run is set to return on Saturday, 22nd June 2024, as one of the highlights of the much-anticipated J-Bay Surf Festival. This distinctive event, proudly sponsored by Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm, offers athletes the extraordinary experience of racing through an active wind farm. It’s an occasion that celebrates both the thrill of mountain biking and trail running and the commitment to environmental stewardship, mirroring the wind farm’s dedication to clean, renewable energy.

Pieter Oosthuizen, Asset Director at Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm, emphasizes the event’s fit with the company’s values and its importance to the local community, nestled at the core of the town’s signature surfing event, “We’re thrilled to continue our support for this beloved local event, proudly maintaining our role as the title sponsor. It’s a special race, offering the rare chance to cycle through a wind farm—a feature that’s unique to this event in Africa. The essence of mountain biking, a clean and carbon-free sport, aligns seamlessly with our ethos at the wind farm. Moreover, being integrated into the town’s larger surf festival, it’s an event that truly resonates with the heart of our community.”

Catering to various levels of fitness and skill, the event is a beacon for inclusivity, offering multiple MTB distances — 60km for the competitive riders, 30km for the intermediates, and a 10km route for families and casual riders. Additionally, a 10km trail run and a 5km fun run will welcome runners of different abilities. Prizes will be awarded to the top three male and female competitors in each distance category.

Registration for the 2024 J-Bay Wind Farm MTB Classic & Trail Run is open online at mountainevents.co.za. Participants are encouraged to secure their spot for a race that promises not only a challenge, but also the opportunity to be part of a truly unique event within the picturesque setting of Jeffreys Bay.


April 2024.

In an encouraging development for early childhood education in Patensie, the Noxolo ECD Centre has recently undergone significant renovations, leading to the successful acquisition of the required Health & Safety certification. This critical development paves the way for compliance with the Department of Basic Education’s requirements, moving the centre closer to qualifying for educational support funds.

With over 30 years of service in the community, this achievement allows for the Centre’s formal registration with the Department of Basic Education.

The handover event was held on Monday, 22 April, and saw participation from representatives of the Departments of Basic Education and Health, local government officials, and the community that surrounds the Centre, including children, parents, staff, and representatives from Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm.

The renovations, funded by Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm, represent a commitment to improving the local community’s future. This project is part of a larger educational initiative by the wind farm, which includes upgrades to twenty ECD Centres, like the recent improvements at Umzamomhle ECD Centre in Hankey, demonstrating an ongoing effort to enhance educational facilities in the area.

The upgrade of this ECD centre, situated in the Gamtoos Valley, included the partitioning of teaching spaces to cater specifically to the developmental needs of 1-2 year olds and 3-4 year olds, enhancements to the kitchen and play areas, and various repairs and improvements. These upgrades have already sparked an increased interest from parents in the community, eager to enrol their children in the Centre and offer their support.

Elizabeth Dwane, Principal of Noxolo ECD Centre, expressed her gratitude, noting the significant impact of the renovations on the Centre’s ability to provide quality education and care. “The partitioning of the room into two sections has greatly facilitated teaching and interaction with the children, tailored to their age groups and educational programmes. The new kitchen facilities have also been a wonderful addition, making meal preparation a joy,” she said.

Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm’s commitment extends beyond infrastructure, encompassing a comprehensive ECD developmental programme that includes practitioner training, mentoring, compliance training, and the provision of essential equipment and resources. This holistic approach aims to foster a supportive and enriching environment for early learning.

Nonini Makhothe, Economic Development Specialist at Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm, highlighted the collaborative effort behind the renovation project. “Through regular engagement with the Centre’s Principal, parents, and local officials, we identified the urgent need for renovations to meet compliance requirements and enhance the facilities. This initiative is a testament to our commitment to supporting the community’s educational needs,” Makhothe stated.

This project underscores the collective commitment to nurturing the potential of Patensie’s youngest residents, setting a strong foundation for their educational journey.


April 2024, Konkoonsies Solar Power.

On Friday, 5 April, the Onseepkans community gathered at Kleinbegin Kleuterskool to mark the unveiling of significant improvements at one of its three Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres. This event underscored the remarkable impact of collaboration and partnership, drawing together parents, young children, carers, Department of Basic Education representatives, and the four local solar power projects that jointly contributed to the funding of this upgrade. The enhancements promise a new chapter for the centre, providing a safer and more stimulating learning environment for the community’s children. This occasion not only celebrated the physical improvements to the facilities but also highlighted a shared commitment to nurturing the potential within every child.

Harrisinah Theka, Economic Development Specialist at Konkoonsies Solar Power, shared the plant’s commitment to supporting ECD centres for the first time, focusing on meeting and aligning with national standards to improve community services, “Kleinbegin Kleuterskool, which serves 34 children, benefited from the collective efforts of the surrounding local solar plants, including Konkoonsies Solar Power, which played a role in the refurbishment and expansion. We contributed to repairing structures, outfitting classrooms, and adding educational murals, all aimed at creating a safer and more engaging learning environment.”

Rene Rooy, a practitioner at the centre, expressed the community’s appreciation, “The upgrading including the replacement of a safer fencing as well as the renovation and addition to the playground mean a great deal to us. Their efforts resonate deeply within our hearts, and we extend our deepest appreciation for their generosity.”

This project forms part of Konkoonsies Solar Power’s broader socio-economic development programme, aimed at ensuring equitable access to quality education for children aged 3 to 6. A thorough assessment of ECD needs within a 50km radius of the plant was conducted, guiding the collaborative funding and support efforts. This initiative emphasizes the vital role of community and collaborative partnerships in fostering sustainable development and educational opportunities for the benefit of communities.


April 2024.

In an effort to support the local maritime community, Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm has announced its recent support for two Eastern Cape fishing co-operatives, aimed at bolstering the local fishing community for long-term sustainability. The Sarah Baartman Co-Op, comprising members from Loerie and Jeffreys Bay, along with the Elinye Co-Op from Humansdorp, have each been granted a fully registered fishing vessel, in addition to other extensive support.

This support aligns perfectly with the South African Government’s Operation Phakisa initiative, which seeks to expedite the resolution of key development issues within the ‘oceans economy’, particularly in the Eastern Cape, a province rich in maritime resources.

“We are truly grateful for the support received from the wind farm, notably the sponsorship of both a boat and a utility vehicle for our co-op. It’s significant to acknowledge that the wind farm stands out as the sole entity in the Kouga area to have extended such support to local cooperatives. Looking ahead, we are eager to demonstrate our progress and the evolution of our co-operative’s leadership to the wind farm. Your assistance has been pivotal in paving the way forward for our co-op. Thank you once again.” – Mr. Resheen Lucas, Chairman, Sarah Baartman Co-Op.

Through its Enterprise Development Programme, the aim is to empower the co-ops on their journey towards commercial viability, enabling them to make a significant impact on the local economy and generate lasting job opportunities. The support extended goes beyond merely providing essential equipment; it includes comprehensive legal, technical, and business development assistance. This multifaceted approach has established a solid base for the co-ops, enhancing their ability to access markets over the long term, develop essential skills, and meet regulatory requirements. Such support is crucial in fostering their successful integration and expansion within the fishing industry.

“Our goal is to empower the co-ops towards achieving economic and employment sustainability within their communities. Hence, we sought to provide comprehensive support beyond equipment, to help set the co-op members on a path of growth and success in this vitally important industry,” stated Nonini Makhothe, Economic Development Specialist at Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm.

Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm’s engagement with the local fishing co-ops reflects a broader commitment to empowering its previously disadvantaged local communities. The initiative aims to foster sustainable fishing businesses that will, in turn, bolster the local economy and provide meaningful employment opportunities.


April 2024.

A group of learners from the Emoji Movement recently visited the Klipheuwel Wind Farm in an educational outing to learn about renewable energy. This visit is part of the Emoji Movement’s effort to offer local high school learners from Middleton practical insights into the renewable energy sector and its career opportunities.

Founded last year (July 2023) by Janine Botha and colleagues, this NPO is aimed at supporting high school students by providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge to prepare them for their future careers. The trip to the wind farm served to educate the learners about the importance of renewable energy and its role in today’s world.

Alethea Henn, the leader of the Emoji Movement, shared her thoughts on the visit, “Seeing the wind turbines up close was an incredible experience for us. It made a real impression on the learners, sparking their interest in renewable energy. They were excited to share what they learned with their friends, highlighting the positive impact of the trip.”

Feedback from learners, including Luke Swartz (15), Ethan Appel (14) and Mario Henn (16), was positive. They were intrigued by the technology and the expertise of the technicians working on the windmills. This visit has opened their eyes to the possibilities within the renewable energy sector, with some considering it as a future career path.

In addition to field trips like this, the Emoji Movement supports its members in various ways, including academic guidance, application assistance for further education and bursaries, transport for university visits, CV writing support, community service initiatives, first aid training, and sports activities. This comprehensive support system is designed to help learners make informed decisions about their futures.

The Emoji Movement furthermore enjoys the support of local stakeholders, including the Caledon Museum and Library, and encourages learners interested in joining to reach out through WhatsApp, email, or Facebook. As a registered non-profit company, the Emoji Movement is dedicated to empowering the youth of Middleton and beyond with the knowledge and skills they need for success.